Yet Again…

I’m in love with my best friend 🙂 

We just shared our 2nd anniversary 🙂

I’m starting to volunteer for a new place starting tonight.

And I am missing my very best friend, who just happened to move across an ocean 🙂


…………but she’s having a great adventure, so I’m happy for her



A new journey

So…within the last 9 months I have graduated from college with a degree in Women’s and Gender Studies, married my best friend, became a member at the most wonderful church that I have ever attended, began volunteering, shared words of encouragement, laughs, tears, ran until the sky appeared to be shrinking, and still had the drive to create many drawings…and have my own black light parties in my neon adorned room when no one is looking.. ha. Let the road that I am walking continue… and the love in my heart grow enough to be shared with each person I come into contact with… blessed and thankful. Image